2018 best summer perfume selection and shopping guide

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28 August 2018

With this 2018  best summer perfume selection and shopping guide, we have carefully selected 13 summer fragrances and recommend them to everyone that you can wear the summer on your body with a bottle of perfume.  Check out which of the following perfumes belongs to you.

Torridity comes to Paris as before, the summer of 2018 seems to be hotter than usual.  First of all, I rounded up 9 ladies perfume with unique scents that are worthy of your summer.


9 feminine perfumes for This summer

You can’t go naked in the summer and Perfume is like a dress, wear out to represent your image, can make yourself more self-confident. As the summer approaches, we call for a lighter and fresher take on perfume. Here is a list of the highly recommended perfumes for this summer that you can’t wait to choose one that suits yourself.


Dior Poison Girl, 2016

Why on this list : hot summer, passionate girls

dior poison girl

Dior Poison girl, it personifies the freedom, sexiness plus a little rebellious girl. The vivid orange tones, combined with the elegance of Grass rose, and bursts of couscous from Venezuela, a bittersweet, yet particularly contradictory blend.


Brand: Dior

Perfume scent: Oriental fragrance

Top notes: bitter orange, lemon

Mid-notes: May Rose, Damascus Rose, Orange flower

Base notes: Venezuela Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Vanilla


Comment from buyers:

“The poison girl is a new member of the Dior poison family. She has five sisters (red, green, white, purple and blue). However, compared to the mature and charming older sisters, the poison girl tastes younger, and the confident bold wants to grow up, but still feels immature. Its own sweet tone reminds me of cream cake, vanilla ice cream, it deserves to be a master-work by Dior.”

“The first time I tried to spray, I simply wanted to get rid of it. I felt that it was too strong and not suitable for me. However, I gradually waited for the top notes to dissipate, the middle tone was released, which is the biting sensuality of rose. The back tone is completely changed into the aromas of silky sweetness, just like I delectably enveloped in the vanilla cake. This fragrance is strong in its retention and diffusion.”



Marc Jacobs Daisy Love, 2018

Why on this list : flower blooms in the summer

mac jacobs daisy love

The continuation of the fresh and youthful atmosphere of this series, inspired by love, uses the cloudberry to show the girl’s emotions. During the growth of the cloudberry, the fruit will turn yellow-green, reddish, and then turn amber, becoming a juicy and delicious ripe fruit. Symbolizing different changes of love; the middle note is dominated by the patented daisy aroma, like the smell of the afternoon breeze, and the base notes are driftwood and Cashmere musk, which makes the love last.


Brand: Marc Jacobs

Perfume scent: floral fragrance

Top notes: Crystallised, cloudberries

Mid-notes: Daisy tree petals

Base notes: Driftwood, Cashmere, Musk


Comment from buyers:

“The highlight of this fragrance is the unique scent of cloudberry, which is very fresh in summer and suitable for young girls.”

“Its fragrance unexpected lasting, still very sweet, very fruity, have yet to live up to such beautiful bottle, I like this series, so I want to try out other daisies too !”



Bvlgari Omnia Pink Sapphire, 2018

Why on this list : the smell of youthful energy and the joy of life

Bvlgari Omnia Pink Sapphire

Bulgari launched a new edition for the Omnia collection for Spring 2018, Bvlgari Omnia Pink Sapphire is a scent that celebrates special moments and represents new things, vitality and the glamour of life, exuding the Sunny vibe as its pink colour, this is a perfume targeting young generation Z consumers.

The top notes combine the flavours of fresh citrus and pink pepper and feel the joy without any burden. The middle notes take you to Tahiti and Polynesia, the origin of pink Frangipani, Tahiti Tiare flower, the air is thick with the scent of enchanting flowers. Finally, white musk and modern woods wrap you up in layers.


Brand: Bvlgari

Perfume scent: floral fragrance

Top notes: pink pomelo, pink pepper, grapefruit

Mid-notes: pink Frangipani, Tahiti Tiare flower

Base notes: vanilla, white musk, modern woods


Comments from buyers:

“The fresh and romantic floral notes remind me of the colourful dress, ice cream, cold drinks, desserts and candies, as well as the joyful parties. I am full of sunshine and happy atmosphere in the crowd, very suitable for spring and summer.”

“The pink Pomelo fragrance in the front notes is very refreshing, and the scent of pink Frangipani is very distinctive. It’s safe, youthful, citrus sweet, and not quite tropical. Perfume has the elegant feeling of this series.”



Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien, 1981

Why on this list: a thrill in a hot summer

Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien

The perfume was inspired by the famous novel “”Les Mémoires d’Hadrien” by French female writer Marguerite Yourcenar. Annick Goutal used the perfume to commemorate Hadrian, one of the five great emperors of the Roman empire. The citrus scent with no hint of sweetness  invades your nose directly with aggressiveness. It’s a neutral fragrance, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and Leonardo Di Caprio are all its super fans.

Brand: Annick Goutal

Perfume scent: Citrus fragrance

Scent: Cypress, grapefruit, Sicilian lemon, Ylang-ylang, Green Mandarin, Aldehydes

Perfumer: Francis Camail, Annick Goutal


Comments from buyers:

“This fragrance is particularly straightforward, there is no so-called front, middle and base notes, only the direct, “aggressive” citrus lemon scent is carried through to the end. I have to say that this fragrance is very suitable for the hot summer days. This is a sprightly, refreshing, non-sweet citrus with subtle tones of pepper and celery that it even more bracing. This perfume will make your feelings of boredom reversed. This is my favourite one of AG. The summer without Eau d’Hadrien is an incomplete summer.”



Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree, 2016

Why on this list : There always be an ascetic on the list

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree

The brand, Narciso is probably not well-known in Asia, but it is very popular in Europe and America. Narciso Rodriguez, an American designer of Cuban origin, first founded his own eponymous haute couture brand and became famous for designing the wedding dress for his wife, Caroline b. Kennedy JR. Later he launched his own perfume of his namesake brand, it is different with general perfume, take musky as the centre and the other different fragrances are used to arouse the charm of the female.

This powdery musk is supposed to be a very soupy animal scent, a sensual scent, but due to the neutralization of orange blossom and jasmine, it becomes wild and intriguing.

Brand: Narciso Rodriguez

Perfume scent: woody floral fragrance

Top notes: Jasmine petals, White Bulgarian rose, orange blossom

Mid-notes: Powdery Musk

Base notes: Vetiver, White cedar

Perfumer: Aurelien Guichard


Comment from buyers:

“I absolutely love it! it’s worth owning all of this series.”

“This is a gentle, delicate, feminine perfume.After taking a shower in the evening, spray it to get my beauty sleep.”



Kenzo World EDP, 2018

Why on this list : Summer needs some quirky

Kenzo World EDP, 2018

This extroverted Eau de Toilette is concocted for women who dare to be different: unfettered by society or standards, they are thrill seekers and enthusiastic and act as a magnet on the summer night. This perfume is a definitely feminine bouquet smiling at life, complements the wild side of women, with a lively aroma and a playful personality that perfectly matches the adventurous spirit of women.


Brand: Kenzo

Perfume scent: fruity floral woody fragrance

Top notes: Pear

Mid-notes: Peony, Apricot blossom

Base notes: Orris

Perfumer: Francis Kurkdjian and Maïa Lernout


Comment from buyers :

“The packaging promises to offers “an amazing fruity floral accord between sparkling pear, luminous peony and almond blossom, and feminine orris”. And it delivers, I definitely sense a synthetic pear mixed with a floral note with a shot of sweet almond in it, it is beautifully done. It would be perfect if you want to wear something light, to smell pretty on a summer day.”

“I don’t deny the shape of the bottle intrigued me a lot, it might not be everyone’s taste, but the fruity-floral scent is summer’s most popular, to my nose the main notes are peony and almond blossom, i like this fragrance that reminds me of the breeze and blossoming trees in summer.”



Chanel Chance Eau Vive, 2015

Why on this list : Keep you alive in the summer

7.Chanel Chance Eau Vive, 2015
Still carrying out the fresh and energetic tone of the Chanel Chance collection, blending sparkling notes of grapefruit with juicy citrus and explosive red-orange. It gives people the feeling of being full of vitamin C in the body. The sunshine is vibrant. The middle and base notes have elegant jasmine and cedar and iris, neutralizing the citrus tone, like the energetic girl bathing in the sun.


Brand: Chanel

Perfume scent: woody floral fragrance

Top notes: red-orange, grapefruit, citrus

Mid-notes: jasmine, white musk

Base notes: Vetiver, cedar, iris

Perfumer: Olivier Polge


Comment 1:

Chanel launched this new fragrance CHANCE EAU VIVE in 2015, in terms of style, still continues the previous three version of pink,yellow and green Chance. This starts out as a bright citrus, but become a jasmine scent, very well-blended, and ends up with a slightly bitter orange tone  so that the overall smell has a girlish sour, perfects for the classy feminine women.


Comment 2:

I went to the counter to try a circle, was stunned by various scent, only to smell it let me wake up. The feeling of the first time was a vibrant and juicy woman. When I tried it again, I found it to be softer than the first impression. In short, I really like it.



Guerlain Promenade des Anglais, 2016

Why on this list : Take you to vacation

8.Guerlain Promenade des Anglais, 2016

This fragrance was created by Guerlain of France for the victims of the 2016 terrorist attack in Nice Promenade des Anglais, and the profit of this fragrance will also be donated to the foundation.

The perfume is one of the exclusive collections, is only available in France and cannot be bought in other countries. The scent of fresh bergamot lemons and orris, coupled with sweet figs, seems to take people back to Nice’s famous tourist attraction, La Cote d’Azur. Bathed in the warm sunshine of Provence, the air is filled with soft, fresh.

Brand: Guerlain

Perfume scent: woody floral fragrance

Top notes: bergamot, currant buds, fig and violet leaf

Mid-notes: lily-of-the-valley, rose, mimosa and violet

Base notes: Orris, heliotrope, white musk

Perfumer: Thierry Wasser


Comment from buyers :

“Like others in the Les Parisiennes collection, this is very feminine and delicate. A pure essence of exquisite class and elegance. Love it.”

“It opens up like a fresh, green and slightly violet leaf and orris with a hint of citrus. I get a feeling of getting a long walk on the sunny beach in early summer with the fresh sea smell breeze in your hair. It’s modern, relaxed but elegant with a ladylike Guerlain touch.”



Elie Saab Le Parfum Rose Couture, 2016

Why on this list : To the perfect you

9.Elie Saab Le Parfum Rose Couture, 2016
Elie Saab is a high-end fashion designer from Lebanon. He founded the luxury high-end couture brand with the same name. Since 2000, he has attracted international attention. Many celebrities choose his dress on the red carpet and become loyal fans.

Elie Saab launched his first fragrance named Le Parfum in 2011. Le Parfum Rose Couture is the latest edition comes out in 2016 and delivers the same image as his clothing brand, exquisite, luxurious, noble, elegant and perfect.


Brand: Elie Saab

Perfume scent: floral fragrance

Top notes: orange blossom, silky rose petals, peony

Mid-notes: rose nectar, fruity nuances, jasmine, vanilla, peach, lychee

Base notes: patchouli, sandalwood, caramel

Perfumer: Francis Kurkdjian


Comment from buyers :

“I didn’t like it much when I bought it, but now it’s one of best perfumes I have and it’s my signature now. Every time I wear this fragrance. I smell sweet and a little sour fruity, everybody loves it.”

“The beginning is an orange flower with a  peony, and the middle tone is fruity and jasmine. The smell of rose is not obvious on the skin, and the end is simple and slightly woody. I don’t know if there is such a person around you. In your eyes, she is particularly charming, elegant, exquisite, this perfume reminds me of such a “perfect woman”.”



Recommended 4 men’s fragrances for summer:


Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Tonic, 2017

Why on this list : Refreshing this summer

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Tonic, 2017

This is a new male fragrance from Hugo Boss in 2017. The fresh but not too intense smell will keep you full of energy throughout the day so you won’t be afraid to take naps in the sweltering summer. The top note is a blend of citrus and grapefruit, apple scent. The ensuring mid-tones are scented with ginger and cloves and the spicy is mixed with sweetness. This fragrance lasts for 7 hours and the tail will be more mature and woody allowing you to finish the day perfectly.


Brand: Hugo Boss

Perfume scent: spice woody fragrance

Top notes: grapefruit, bitter orange, lemon, apple

Mid-notes: ginger, cinnamon, clove, geranium wilfordii

Base notes: vetiver


Comment from buyer:

“This fragrance is so light, crispy, refreshing and daily edition, i particularly surprised with this fragrance, super nice office scent.”



Calvin Klein CK All, 2017

Why on this list : Clean and comfortable

Calvin Klein CK All, 2017

(You can also graffiti on the white bottle when you are in a bad mood)

This is a daily perfume that is suitable for daily spray. It is a perfume that is very pure,gentle and can make you feel good.  It is suitable for both men and women. And it won the popularity of a group of Korean stars.


Brand: Calvin Klein

Perfume scent: Citrus fragrance

Top notes: citrus blossom, bergamot

Mid-notes: jasmine, lily, freesia

Base notes: amber, musk, vetiver

Perfumer: Alberto Morillas, Harry Fremont



The bottle design is perfect pure white minimalist style, hit my heart. The top note is the same fresh orange tone as CK ONE. The middle notes are not very prominent. while the amber note will gradually strengthen, and a clean soapy note will be added. Really suitable for summer.



Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio, 1996

Why on this list : one smell to lose your mind, two to lose your soul

3.Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio, 1996

The world’s Top selling men’s fragrance! This is a perfume that goes beyond the age limit. The combination of staunch musk and soft floral notes creates a brisk and wonderful reaction. If you don’t know which perfume to choose as your first perfume, Armani men’s fragrance is definitely the best choice.


Brand: Giorgio Armani

Perfume scent: marine fragrance

Top notes: orange, lime, jasmine, orange blossom, bergamot, lemon

Mid-notes:  sylvestris, violet, freesia, seawater, peach, hyacinth, rose, jasmine, rosemary, watermelon ketone

Base notes: amber, musk, patchouli, oak, cedar,  musk

Perfumer: Alberto Morillas


Comment from a buyer:

“It’s so light, but there should be no one who hates this scent.”

“My ex-boyfriend is wearing this fragrance, “one smell lose your mind, two hear lose your soul”, refreshing and clean, is a pleasant scent, at least for me. I enjoy smelling this on other people.”



YSL Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Sport, 2014

Why on this list : Summer sports essentials

YSL Yves Saint Laurent L`Homme Sport, 2014

For outdoor enthusiasts, YSL has re-launched the sports version of its classic fragrance L`Homme. The scent of lemon verbena is outstanding and amber appears to neutralize it. After physical exercise, the fragrance’s notes will still stay .


Brand: Yves Saint Laurent

Perfume scent: chypre fragrance

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, verbena

Mid-notes: woody,  coriander

Base notes: amber,  cedar

Perfumer: Anne Flipo, Juliette Karagueuzoglou


Comment  from a buyer :

“This fragrance adds to my goodwill for YSL male fragrance. Before the spray, I can smell a unique lemon flavour, which is a bit sharp, but soon dissipates. Then it is an unforgettable thick amber taste, sweet woody tones, and in one word is the flavour of high-grade skin-friendly soap. But I really like it, and I can smell it after the exercise. It is a recommended sports perfume.”


Today’s summer perfume recommendation is here, I don’t know is there any one that can touch your heart? All perfumes can be found at our KAM’S Duty-Free Shop in Paris.


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