Professional Sales advices

Paris Louvre will offer you best duty-free shopping services. During your shopping experience, our professional sales adviser will answer all your questions that you might have. They know every products' composition and strength.

We will always propose the best product that satisfy your needs! Our staffs take product's training program all year long in order to refresh and update their knowledge. Hence, please do not hesitate to ask them some specific questions.

Duty free shopping services : Tax refund

You might think that tax refund could be easy at the airport, but in fact, according to your product's category and your purchase amount, tax refund procedure could be different. Sometime you will have to send your invoice by using the classical mail delivery system. The worst experience would be missing your flight! In our duty-free shop, you can find everything at the tax-free price. All you need is to show us your passport! Somehow you will still need to scan your tax-free paper at the airport to prove that you are not staying in France.

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Payment facilities and tickets sales

We understand that an appropriated payment solution is the most important thing for a duty-free shop. In our duty-free store, we offer you the most popular payment support: VISA, Master Card, JCB, Americain Express, AliPay, Wechat pay etc. In addition, we also sell tickets for Louvre and other museums or tourist programs.