2018 Paris Tax Refund Ultimate Tips

2018 paris tax refund
15 February 2018

As we all perceiving Paris as the shopping paradise, and we will always have Paris. Here we provide you with all kinds of helpful tips that definitely will make it convenient for your exclusive tax-free shopping journey.

Who will benefit as the tax-free shopper:

. Non-EU residents
. Residents above 16 years old
. Short period of stay in France within 6 months
Reminder: You must show your passport as well as your visas if needed in the tax-free shops.

What type of products will not be allowed for doing tax-free or tax-refund?

.Petroleum products arms Cultural products
.Private car products Some products subject to the WashingtonConvention restrictions, such as narcotic drugs
The goods sold in the Louvre duty-free shop in Paris do not belong to the categories above. If you have questions you can contact the customs for more details.

How to complete the Tax-free procedure in France or any other European countries?

The tax-free procedure must be executed within the same day as you purchase the products.
The amount purchased in the same store needs more than 175 euros.
Remember to ask your sales assistant for your tax form- bordereau de vente à l’exportation after the purchase is completed (The store will declare your shopping details to the customs through Pablo’s tax rebate system)
You must scan the tax refund before leaving the European Union within three months of purchase, and you will not be entitled to a refund if it exceeds three months. You must carry the product you purchased for verification when checking.

2 ways of doing Tax-Refund:

1.Traditional custom tax refund by manually using stamps (more complicated, time-consuming, very least shops using this method)
2.New electronic tax refund system (more popular, the method we are using now)
Operating online, you just need to scan the code bar on the top of your tax refund form before dropping into the mailboxes correspondent in the airport.


How do you wish to receive your tax refund?

By cash

1.Collect your tax refund by cash in the local shops or deduct the taxes directly (In our Paris Duty Free Shop, we provide you the shopping experiences with convenience by the tax deduction immediately.


2. Collect your tax refund by cash at the airport


By credit cards

Receive the tax refund by credit cards


When you are leaving Europe, the last step you need to do regarding complete the Tax-Refund:
Reminder: If you are leaving Europe via different countries, we suggest you to go shopping in the country, which is your last destination.

If France is your last shopping destination,
Tax refund procedure in the airport
-If the Tax refund is manually system, you will need to send your shopping receipts, which has already been stamped by the customs to the shops where you have purchased.
-If the Tax refund is electronic automatic Pabblo system, simply you will just need to scan the code bar on your tax form in the airport before you leaving.

tax refund system

Tax refund procedure in the train station/ harbour/road trip
You have to declare to the custom for the products that you have purchased.

If you are leaving from any other European countries,
. Asking the declaration form from the custom
. Sending back the completed form back to the shops when you back to your countries
. The declaration form must be sent and delivered within 6 months after your arrival in your country

Reminder: If you have shopped in Louvre Duty Free shop and you are leaving from other European countries, you will need to send your receipts with stamps to the Detaxe tax refund company, the addresses down below:
Detaxe International: 66, rue de Miromesnil – 75008 Paris
DETAXE official website: http://www.detaxe.com/cn/index_cn.php

How to make up the tax rebate

If you are leaving from France, you need to apply for a late tax refund to the customs department within your jurisdiction that is out of your country- visa a posteriori


Charles de Gaulle Region Customs

The documents need to prepare:
. Identity card and the copy of passport
. The proof that you bring the purchased goods along with you
. The copy of your flight/boat/train tickets

If you are leaving from any other European countries, you need to send all the documents listed above to the following addresses:

Direction régionale des douanes de Paris
30 rue Raoul Wallenberg,75019 PARIS
[email protected]

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