The watch shopping guide in Paris -20 mid-end Swiss watches recommended, including Tissot, Montblanc, Mido, Balmain, Swarovski, Rado, Baume & Mercier

21 January 2019

Watches are not only timing tools but symbols of identity and taste. A Swiss watch is often as high as tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands euros, and various brands are also making it impossible for buyers to start. Today, Paris Louvre Duty-Free will introduce you 15 world-class watches with high-cost performance to help you find your favourite watch.



Tissot watches, originally from Switzerland, have a well-known reputation, high quality and different price selections. It is an ideal choice for cost performance. Celebrities such as actress Liu Yifei, actor Huang Xiaoming, NBA star Tony Parker and many other sports stars are Tissot brand ambassador. For the price of 10,000 yuan, Tissot has an unrivalled place in terms of reputation and cost performance.

1.Tissot Quickster – NBA team nylon strap quartz watch for men – Rocket

Tissot1 T095.417.17.037

Official price in France:380€
Seasonal sale price in Paris Louvre:304€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:267.5€

Buyer’s review: Best choice for a boyfriend. He is a fan of Harden and loves playing basketball. He named himself Chinese Harden. Rocket did quite well this season so it is the best timing to give him this present, which he liked a lot.


2. Tissot Le Locle Steel Strap Mechanical Watch for Women

Tissot T41.1.183

Official price in France:495€
Seasonal sale price in Paris Louvre:396€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:348€

Buyer’s review: Classic design for woman’s watch, simple design but never cheesy. It’s also a mechanical watch. After the tax refund, you can take it around.


3. Tissot Le Locle Leather Strap Powermatic 80 Mechanical Watch for Men

Tissot t00640716053001-3

Official price in France:470€
Seasonal sale price in Paris Louvre:376€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:330€

Buyer’s review: This watch is a bit like a couple’s watch to Liu Yifei’s (famous actress in China). I want my boyfriend to send me the one that Liu Yifei wears, so I bought him this one. This is definitely a great present. My boyfriend’s mother gave thumbs-up when she heard it is a Tissot watch which shows that Tissot’s brand influence is really good.



Montblanc is a manufacturer of watches, accessories and fine pens under the Richemont Group. It was founded in 1906 in Hamburg, Germany. Montblanc’s brand name is inspired by Montblanc – the highest peak in Europe, symbolizing Montblanc’s belief in perseverance, the pursuit of perfect brand culture and the culmination of manufacturing.

1. Montblanc Summit Smart Watch

mont blanc 241195

Official price in France:940€
Seasonal sale price in Paris Louvre:752€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:661€

Buyer’s review: When talking about Montblanc, the first impression may be the top-class pens and luxury watches which will cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, this Montblanc smartwatch only costs about 630 euros after tax refund. It can satisfy your desire to top brands. At the same time, this watch is very practical with all kinds of smartwatch functions. The top-class craftsmanship makes it even more perfect. Give it to Dad, who takes it with him every time he goes to play badminton.


2. Montblanc Traditional Date Automatic Watch

Montblanc 241491-ecom-retina

Official price in France:1765€
Seasonal sale price in Paris Louvre:1412€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:1242€

Buyer’s review: It is probably the most expensive EDC I have ever bought. Dad bought me a Montblanc pen for being an adult so I always wanted to buy a Montblanc watch. I found them too expensive until I bought this one for only 1242 Euros. Its design and quality worth much more than the price. Great deal!



Mido’s brand philosophy consists in drawing inspiration from famous architectural works. Its mechanical watches are very worth buying, and both men and women watches are very elegant and suitable for professionals.

1.Mido Baroncelli Heritage Watch


Official price in France:980€
Seasonal sale price in Paris Louvre:784€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:682€

Buyer’s review: The feature of Mido watches is neat and simple. The colour of the watch strap is chic. A perfect gift from the boyfriend for Valentine.


2. Mido Commander II Mechanical Watch for Men

mido 2

Official price in France:960€
Seasonal sale price in Paris Louvre:768€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:675€

Buyer’s review: Originally wanted to buy him the Longines watch with crocodile leather strap, but my husband wanted this one – a mechanical watch that is a perfect lover for the straight man. Bought for his birthday, and hopes that we can walk together eternally.


3. Mido Multifort Chronometer Watch

Official price in France:1190€
Seasonal sale price in Paris Louvre:952€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:828€

Buyer’s review: All dial series are excellent both for design and material. Its exceptional feature is its chronometer COSC. The sales told me all chronometer COSC watches have an extra year’s warranty.



“As the world of Fashion takes inspirations from many universes, each Balmain Watch has a history and a signification of its own with the collections Downtown, Trendies and Tradition. Mostly feminine, Balmain Swiss Watches keep claiming elegance and refinement.”

1.Balmain Quartz Elegance Chic XS – B46914284 Watch for Women

Balmain Elegance Chic XS

Official price in France:300€
Seasonal sale price in Paris Louvre:240€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:211€

Buyer’s review: I didn’t know this brand before I came to Paris, but I was attracted when I entered the store. I bought this quartz watch after careful consideration. This design is simply irresistible. The mother-of-pearl dial with Arabic numbers linked on the center circle pattern is relatively unique in terms of design . It looks gorgeous and stylish. The minimalism watch with it’s red crocodile strap is almost becomes timeless, maybe I can still wear it ten years later.


2. Balmain Artist Quartz Moon Phase – B49123982 Watch for women

Balmain Moon Phase

Official price in France:638€
Seasonal sale price in Paris Louvre:510€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:449€

Buyer’s review: Never thought I could find such elegant watch for a woman. Although it is a bit expensive but totally worth the money. I only found out it is a moon phase watch when I paid for it, which made me felt even better. On the front-end moon-phase mechanical watches’ price is quite inaccessible under 2000 euros, but this watches appearance offers all the luxury watches’ visual elements which means you can buy a top luxury watches’s appearance with a accessible price. If you are looking for a moon phase swiss made watches under 700 euros, this watch could be an excellent choice to satisfy your unstopped desire.



The jewellery giant from Austria also has its own unique place in the watch industry. Swarovski watches are made in Switzerland, Austrian crystals and Swiss movements, Swarovski watches have very high-cost performance. It can be said that Swarovski’s watch collection is the only watch series created for women in the world. According to the feedback from the sales, Swarovski watch is one of the best-selling watches in the store, showing its attractiveness to the female consumer.

1.Swarovski Aila Dressy Mini Watch


Official price in France:279€
Seasonal sale price  in Paris Louvre:223€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:196€

Buyer’s review: I loved it when I saw it in the first sight. Rose gold dial with bling crystals, how can I ignore it? Crocodile leather strap raises the watch to an even higher level.


2.Swarovski Stella Watch


Official price in France:279€
Seasonal sale price in Paris Louvre:223€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:196€

Buyer’s review: claret-red gives people good appetite and desire to buy. Elliptical-shaped watch loop is very special. It matches perfectly with plain colour clothes.


Daniel Wellington

When talking about watches around 100 euros, I have to mention DW. DW is one of the most popular watch brands in the world. From debutantes to fashion icons, everyone is crazy about this brand. DW watches are suitable for daily commuting or casual sports. Various kinds of bands can be selected for different occasions. Let’s take a look at what DW buyers are saying.

1.Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Ashfield Watch for Women 28mm


Official price in France:129€
Seasonal sale price in Paris Louvre:103€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:90€

Buyer’s review: Black is always a classic colour. It is suitable for different occasions. It is nylon in great quality. It matches perfectly with DW’s golden bracelet. Price after tax refund is 100 euros, with a free Hermes sample perfume. Happy shopping experience.


2.Daniel Wellington Dapper Durham Watch for Both Men and Women

dw dp38-durham-rg-cat_1

Official price in France:179€
Seasonal sale price  in Paris Louvre:135€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:118€

Buyer’s review: Satomi Ishihara wore it! I have changed the watch strap for the new year, made it a brand new watch again. The dial is wide which is suitable for both men and women.


3.Daniel Wellington Classic Cambridge & Oxford Watch for Both Men and Women

DW 3

Official price in France:139€
Seasonal sale price in Paris Louvre:111€
Duty-Free price in Paris Louvre:97€

Buyer’s review: bought it three years ago when I visited Paris with my bf. We bought one Oxford and one Cambridge. We planned to go to Cambridge University but ended up studying in Paris. 🙂 The watch strap is quite magic, it looks a bit normal for the first sight, but loved it day after day. I guess that why DW watch is so popular.


Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier was founded in 1830 in the Swiss Jura. In keeping with its motto “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality,” the brand insisted creation, grew internationally and acquired a solid reputation as a watchmaking player. The price range is from 1100 to 6800 euros. Its watches are very elegant and well-known for its chronographs and precision. 

1.Baume & Mercier  – Clifton Baumatic 10401

Official price in France:3300€

Staff review: The white dial offers an easy-to-read display with the date aperture at 3 o’clock. The sapphire crystal case-back reveals the new Baumatic BM12-1975A calibre, which is the first mechanical self-winding movement developed in-house. The watch comes with a red-brown alligator strap with a pin buckle and the power reserves 120 hours. 


2.Baume & Mercier  -Classima 10484

Official price in France:4100€

Staff review: Water-resistant to 50 meters, this is a stylish watch for men and driven by an automatic movement. It features a blue dial and polished stainless steel. The watch is mounted on a black alligator strap. 


3.Baume & Mercier  -Classima Lady 10489

Official price in France:1190€

Staff review: With a stainless steel bracelet, this quartz watch features a white dial with Roman numerals at 6and 12 o’clock. It reflects understated elegance and balanced aesthetic. 


4.Baume & Mercier  -Hampton 10186

Official price in France:1450€

Staff review: With a clean white dial and the iconic date aperture at 3 o’clock, this rectangular watch comes with a light brown calfskin strap. It is a stylish watch for women. 


5.Baume & Mercier  -Promesse 10166

Official price in France:6700€

Staff review: This black and diamond watch has a total of 61 brilliant diamonds. It features a black dial with diamond-set indexes and classic Roman numerals. The watch is mounted on a glossy black alligator strap. 

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