Our 2018 Top 10 Winter Perfumes Selection For Women And Men

15 February 2018

After years of experience in fragrance sale, our sellers have selected our 2018 top 10 Winter Perfumes for women and men. According to their advice, with winter’s low temperature, spice, wood, and musky scents re-earns popularity and citrus or fresh notes are really not suitable for winter. Following is a recommendation of winter perfumes, including YSL Manifesto, Opium, Black Opium, Paris, Chanel Coco Noir, Tom Ford Black Orchid, Versace Crystal Noir, Dior Dune, Dior Pure Poison, Narciso For her. And Bleu de Chanel and Terre d’Hermes are the two winter perfumes recommended for men.

There are some notes that you might deserve to try in this winter :

Woody scents: moss, juniper, incense, patchouli, amber

Sweet fruits’ and flowers’ scents : fig, vanilla, cassis, rose, vetiver

Spicy and masculine-influenced scents: pink pepper, coffee, ginger, bergamot


These notes offer you a wide range of selections for this winter depending on what you are fancy for.


Seeking for a new winter scent to cozy up to? Now let’s break down the notes to find out your perfect perfume.

Our top 10 winter perfumes selection for women




The composition is developed by Anne Flipo, Loc Dong

Top note: Blackcurrant/Bergamot/Green notes

Middle note: Lliy of the valley/Jasmine Sambac

Base note: Cedar/Sandalwood/Vanilla/Tonka Bean

MANIFESTO is the women perfume of Yves Saint Laurent which released on the market in 2012.This perfume is described as spontaneous, free spirit and courageous, a scent full of passion and emotion.

“Yves Saint Laurent is a brand that inspired me deeply. Since its creation, the brand has conveyed the strong value that I cherished.

Such as unwavering commitment, absolute love, and feminine audacity. The Manifesto is the emblem of it all.” Jessica Chastain said.




Top note: Bergamot/Mandarin Orange/Lily of the valley

Middle note: Carnation/Jasmine/Myrrh

Basic note: Patchouli/Opoponax/Amber/Vanilla

Opium appeared on the market in a new flacon in the autumn of 2009. The design of the flacon was created by the Art Director of YSL – Fabien Baron and Stefano Pilati. They both said this well-known perfume was the men’s perfume of women’s. It doesn’t smell like any girly or feminine perfume. It’s classic and complex, smoky and spicy in a way as its name renowned.

Black Opium

Black Opium


Top notes: Pink pepper/orange blossom/pear

Middle notes: Coffee/jasmine/bitter almond/licorice

Basic notes: Vanilla/patchouli/Cedar/Cashmere wood


In September 2014, YSL launched Black Opium, the new fragrance announced as the rock & roll interpretation of the classic that should highlight the dark, mysterious side of YSL brand. As a fragrance, it embodies the elegant sweetness since it has the vanilla and warm undertones. Itis the perfect choice for the cold winter.


As a fragrance, it embodies the elegant sweetness since it has the vanilla and warm undertones, which makes it a perfect choice for the cold winter.



Top note:mimosa/orange blossom/green notes/rose/cassia/hawthorn/hiacynth/bergamot/nastursia/geranium

Middle note: Lily/violet/orris root/jasmine

Basic note: Iris/sandalwood/amber/musk/oakmoss

This perfume is named after Paris, the adored city of Yves Saint Laurent, who created it as a tribute to the Parisienne, characterised by their vivacious, romantic, elegant and charming personality.

PARIS’ note smells like a brilliant harmony of roses and violet flowers. This perfume was created in 1983.

It is lush and fluid, with a unique sweetness and floral personality. A genuinely sweet, rosy, violet and extreme feminine perfume that is a must-havefor this winter.


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Chanel Coco Noir

Chanel Coco Noir


Top note: grapefruit/bergamot/orange

Middle note: jasmine/rose/nassissus/peach

Basic note: tonka bean/patchouli/sandalwood/vanilla/white musk/olibanum/cloves

Coco Noir was created by Jacques Polge and Christopher Sheldrake, launched in 2012. As the perfume which is distinguished from the other Chanel floral range, it is illustrated by “woods of islands and Russian leather.” The night vision of the “orient that starts and ends at Venice’ imposed itself upon me and that’s where I want to go.” said by the perfume creator.

In 1984, we had Coco, the sumptuous blend of wood, flowers, spices, and fruits,a treasure of splendorous and endless source of discovery and sensual delight. Now we have Coco Noir, a great nocturnal baroque perfectly suitable for winter season.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Tom Ford Black Orchid


Top note: Jasmine/gardenia/ylang ylang/bergamot/amalfi lemon/orange/tuber

Middle note: spices/lotus/orchid/jasmine

Basic note: vetiver/sandalwood/patchouli/amber/incense/vanilla/Mexican chocolate/white musk

Black Orchid was created by the perfume creators of the Fragrance Company, Givaudan, in 2006. It was announced as an oriental type perfume. Black Orchid is opulent and classically dark, luxurious and sensual fragrances with rich dark traces of spicy, modern and timeless. Additionally, Black Orchid is long-lasting and seems like a widespread aura in a snowy season.

Versace Crystal Noir

Versace Crystal Noir


Top note: ginger/cardamom/pepper

Middle note: orange blossom/peony/gardenia/coconut

Basic note: sandalwood/amber/white musk

Donatella Versace says thatCrystal Noir is a very rare essence, sensual and delicate. Created by Antonie Lie in 2004, the central note of the composition is mysterious, creamy and luminous, reproduced by “headspace” technology. This perfume is synthetic, sexy and sophisticated, at the same time it hasa gentle coconut touch.

Dior Dune

Dior Dune


Top notes: aldehyde/peony/orange/bergamot

Middle notes: lily/jasmine/rose/wallflower

Basic notes: sandalwood/amber/patchouli/musk/vanilla

Basic notes: sandalwood/amber/patchouli/musk/vanilla
Dune symbolizes escaping into the world of dreams where only peace resides. It gives you a feeling of hot sun beating sands. It is very spicy, sexy, and nostalgic. In the winter or cold windy days, it’s melancholy brings up thoughts of cold dunes, chilling whipping wind and salty spray, overcast skies. Dune was launched in 1991, created by the Neija BARBIR. Dune also won the 1993 Fifi award.You deserve to have it in this winter

Dior Pure Poison

Dior Pure Poison


Top notes: orange/bergamot/jasmine

Middle notes: orange blossom/gardenia

Basic notes: amber/cedar/sandalwood
This perfume could be used day and night. The floral spirit and base warm toned Sandal woods make it an excellent choice which gives aa perfect balance between light and strong scent. It represents a playful, sexy and sassy image.

Narciso For Her

Narciso For her

Top notes: osmanthus/bergamot/African orange flower

Middle notes: musk/amber

Basic notes: vetiver/vanilla

Base notes: vetiver/patchouli/vanilla


The Narciso For Her perfume, a new aroma aiming at the free and modern women, who are aware of her sexuality. It reflects the desire of every woman who wants to attract and seduce. This fragrance has an openly sexual character. Itsintensive mix of sharp scent with hidden and scarcely discernible, densely sweet nuance in the center turns into a soft and balmy powder. The aggression disappears progressively and the fragrance becomes tame and gentle.

2 elegant winter perfumes for men

Bleu de Chanel

Bleu de Chanel


Top notes: lemon, vetiver, pink pepper


Middle notes: grapefruit,cedar,labdanum


Basic notes: ginger, sandalwood, amber



Bleu de Chanel is a special woody-aromatic fragrance created for men. This fragrance first brings a fresh image. And the coming notes show the energy and power of man. It a great fragrance for winter to become manly but warm.


Terre D’Hermes

Terre d’Hermes


Top notes: orange, grapefruit


Middle notes: pepper, pelargonium


Basic notes: patchouli, cedar, vetiver, benzoin



Unlike other strong and powerful woody-aromatic fragrance for man, Terre d’Hermes is a perfume for gentlemen, without a sexual character. It comes with a fresh scent, which turns into a soft and warm scent with the woody base notes. It seems that this perfume reflect the good qualities of gentlemen, confident, mature, reliable and graceful.


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