10 Best-Sellers of French Facial Masks – Moisturizing, Whitening, Anti-Ageing, Purifying, Exfoliating, Firming and Brightening

french facial mask
23 March 2018

It is not easy to find out the most suitable facial mask. Now we will recommend 10 hot selling french facial masks for you. These masks contain different effects, including moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, and purifying.


This list will show you both attractive-price facial mask and luxury mask. Among them, the three French facial masks of CAUDALIE are really cost-effective and are very suitable for young people.

We also highly recommend facial masks of Sisley, which includes a hydrating mask and an anti-wrinkle mask. Finally, we also recommend several luxury facial masks, such as La Prairie’s Caviar Essence Mask, and Estee Lauder’s Mask. In short, every mask has been affirmed by the market.


Caudalie facial mask

Official price:18€

This Purifying french facial Mask provides the ideal treatment for combination and oily skin. Highly concentrated plant ingredients and two types of clay that work to soak up impurities, diminish the appearance of pores and remove dead skin cells. Its ultra-effective non-drying formula contains 94% natural ingredients. Skin is left clear, pure and matte.

Benefits of this french facial mask:
• Inhibit excessive secretion of oil and maintain skin oil balance
• Inhibit the appearance of acne and blackheads
• Shrink pores and brighten skin colour


Apply twice a week all over the face or just on the T-zone area. Leave mask on for about 10 minutes and clean with water.

User review:

This french facial mask is cooling and smooth to apply. This one seems a bit gentler on the skin; I apply it all over my face. It can be used in conjunction with other CAUDALIE masks all year round. It shrinks my pores and leaves my skin feeling soft and clarified. Since I’ve been using these two masks  a year ago twice per week,  Blemish is dispeared.




Caudalie peeling facial mask

Official price:18€

This mask is for anyone that with a dull complexion and needs an instant boost of radiance. This skin renewal treatment works like a scrub and a peel for a new skin effect. Its formula contains 85.7% natural origin ingredients.

Benefits of this french facial mask:
• Remove facial horny gently
• Active facial cell updates

Apply the mask twice a week to dry skin, avoiding the eye contour area. Leave on for 10 minutes then clean the face with water.

User review:

I love this facial mask, it’s truly my favourite! It makes my skin looks basically perfect. I have a nice healthy glow, bright and renewed super smooth skin. Came back to get more!




Caudalie moisturising facial mask

Official price:18€
This french facial mask ideal even for the most sensitive skin. The Moisturizing Mask restores moisture levels to relieve tightness, reduce redness and increase softness for a hydrated, dewy glow. After applying this mask, the skin will immediately feel more supple, quenched and youthful. This Moisturizing Mask protects the skin barrier and can also be used to prevent future dehydration.


Benefits of this french moisturizing mask:
• Solve the problem of water shortage
• Nourish skin intensively

Apply twice a week to the face and eye contour area. Remove excess mask after 15 minutes or leave on all night for a deeply nourishing treatment.

User review:

I picked this mask up at the boutique with the help of the professional sales consultant. She told me a little trick that I can put this on with serum on first, then apply the mask and I can sleep with it for a full night of moisture! WOW! Woke up feeling so hydrated and continue to use weekly!



FILORGA MESO-MASK, anti-wrinkle and lightening

filorga meso mask

Official price:43.9€/50ml
This product is an intensive mask to illuminate and brighten, smooth wrinkles and reduce the signs of skin fatigue. It is rich in collagen and elastin to moisturize and smooth the features. And it also includes a powerful moisturizing active ingredient to restore suppleness and softness of the skin.


Benefits of this french pharmacy facial mask:
• Smooth wrinkles and eliminate symptoms of skin fatigue
• Increase skin density

Put it on your face about 15 minutes, then use the cleaning cotton to wipe it off.

User review:

I use the Filorga Meso-Mask once in a week, for the whole night, instead of a regular night cream. It’s a wonderful product, my skin is younger looking and relaxed. I will buy it again after this one run out.


FILORGA Scrub & Mask, exfoliating

filorga scrub mask

Official price:41.9€

Scrub and mask- the first mask that combines exfoliation and reoxygenation in an evolving format. After application, you will see a few minutes later that it transforms into foam. This foam contains NCTF that stimulate the cellular regeneration. Micro-bubbles will be transformed in order to the breathing of asphyxiated skin.

Benefits of this french pharmacy facial mask:
• pores are tightened
• skin texture is refined

Massage it gently on a clean face. When the bubbles have disappeared, it is time to rinse off.

User review:

This mask is gorgeous! Funny to use, I mean it is bubbling on your face while using, it gives a sense of freshness and brightens the skin. I use it once a week and recommend it to everyone. I really love this mask.




sisley moisturising gel mask

Official price:93€

This Gel is a very fresh, moisturizing, and specifically designed for dehydrated, lifeless, or tired-looking skin. Through its outstanding concentration of moisturizing active ingredients, it regenerates, hydrates, tones and removes traces of fatigue and stress in just 3 minutes.

Benefits of this french facial mask:
• Skin is left toned and hydrated and features are smoothed
• Signs of fatigue and stress fade away and skin is left looking magnificent


Apply it 2 or 3 times a week, apply to clean, dry skin on the face and neck, including the eye contour. Allow to remain on the skin for 3 minutes, then wipe away the excess. It is not necessary to rinse.

User review:

Love it! I use it as a day moisturizer, I don’t use too much product and I do not remove the mask from my face, I just leave on as a normal moisturizer. This mask makes my skin looks very hydrated, plump, firm and smooth. Love the smell and the gel texture which is perfect for my oily skin and works really well in all seasons! I do always buy this product at a good discount, just perfect!




sisley anti-aging facial mask

Official price:110€

A cream facial mask that has been specifically formulated to instantly provide the skin with a youthful and energized look. This Cream Mask offers the skin “instant youth”. Rich in active anti-aging ingredients, it immediately gets to work on signs of fatigue and leaves the skin looking youthful and energized. It can bring together three actions to restore a luminous complexion skin in just 10 minutes!

Benefits of this french facial mask:
• Immediately hydrated and plumped
• The signs of aging are reduced, and the face appears less fatigued

Apply 2 or 3 times a week in a thick layer on the face and neck, carefully avoiding the area around the eye. Allow to remain on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe away the excess cream.

User review:

I would have never sought this particular product out due to the price alone. For the first time that I used it after a very lengthy international flight. Because I felt tired after the flight and after a shower,  I used this on my face to try and restore some moisture back and went to sleep. I woke up quite pleased with the results. My skin looked and felt great.



Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair MASK, firming-moisturizing-brightening

estee lauder night repair mask

Official price:85€

Starting tonight, reset the look of your skin after the visible assaults of modern life with this innovative weekly treatment mask. Instantly, skin looks fresher, renewed.

Benefits of this facial mask:
• Efficient deep repair
• Improve skin dryness, roughness, looseness, fine lines and other issues

Apply it to clean skin once a week at night. Remove mask, carefully unfold and apply bottom half first, then top half. Leave on for 10 minutes, then remove the mask and gently massage the face.

User review:

I purchased this mark just to have a try. At first, I think that I wouldn’t see immediate and noticeable results. Holy moly! I could tell a significant difference from one use. My skin was more even, and my fine lines and wrinkles we barely noticeable. Otherwise, I wouldn’t believe the results. I will certainly buy this again and I would recommend this product to a friend.


Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Pure Retinol Eye Mask, moisturizing-anti-puffiness-brightening

facial eye mask

Official price: 65.5€/12 pcs


These speedy eye masks with Pure Retinol Micro-Infusion Technology help reduce the appearance of wrinkles in as little as one application. With each use, skin’s texture is refined and resilience is improved, for eyes that look vibrant and awake.

Benefits of this mask:
• eye contour looks less puffy
• eye contour becomes more luminous and reawakened

Smooth over face in the morning after cleansing and softening, use it 2-3 times a week. Remove the eye sheets from the tray and apply them under the eyes as shown. There is no “front” or “back” side to the sheet. Either side can be used, but the broader end should always be positioned at the outer corner of the eye. Leave on for about 15 minutes, then gently remove.

User review:

I am using the second package. I love it! There are 12 pairs in one package and I am applying twice a week! My skin is very sensitive and no reaction, no irritation at all. It works great on wrinkles and colour difference. The skin around eyes getting smoother and brighter. I love it!



La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask, firming-moisturizing

luxe sleep mask

Official price: 309€


An overnight firming mask that’s also a transformative night cream. Rich in caviar extracts, this mask helps to nourish and boost skin’s long-term firmness. The richly textured formula melts into the skin where it works its magic overnight.

Benefits of this facial mask
• Replenishes moisture overnight
• Improves the skin’s overall texture and appearance

Use it 1 to 3 times a week. Smooth over the face, avoiding eye area.


User review:

Yes, the price is really expensive, but it works! I saw my face literally glowing the next morning. I was very sick at that time too, but nobody believed me because my face was so fresh and smooth. The smell is strongly flowery, but it does fade after an hour or so.



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