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FOREO facial cleansing brush
3 August 2018

When it comes to facial cleansing brush, FOREO would pass through our mind, the world’s leading beauty-tech brand. Today we will recommend you their facial cleansing brush – LUNA2, LUNA MINI and LUNA PLAY PLUS.  FOREO has grounded success on this award-winning LUNA skincare device. And we will present and compare their function and user’s review to help you find your facial cleanser buddy.

We will think of cleansing bursh its sonic laser,  high-tech and all kinds of functions. But whether it really has such a good effect, and whether it is worth buying? In fact, the efficacy of the facial cleansing bursh is very simple, mainly through the brush vibration to achieve efficient and non-irritating cleaning and massage effect.

In addition, most of the cleansers are non-porous, which is easy to clean and prevent the breeding of bacteria, fungi, mites and other pathogens, so as to avoid secondary pollution of the face. Everybody buys cleanser, the main considerations are nothing more than its effect, material, durability and compliance with daily cleansing habits.

The skincare industry is rapidly advancing and due to the popularity of cleansing device, the pursuit of healthy, smooth and younger skin is now easier to attain than before. In Europe and America the Sonic face brush has the only two superpower : FOREO and Clarisonic.  In general, FOREO is more advantageous.

FOREO is the first company to apply medical silicone to sophisticated facial cleansing brush in the world, so that could potentially avoid excessive exfoliation.  Committed to providing intelligent solutions to pursue healthy and young skin, FOREO is a Swedish multi-national beauty brand established and headquartered Stockholm, Sweden. Their reputation in Europe and the United States  derives from one and another excellent products. VOGUE praised FOREO more than once, the celebrity, the stars and the blogger has used it and Foreo is now a hit.

Now, we will introduce you to FOREO’s  best 3 products: LUNA2, LUNA mini2 and LUNA Play Plus, hoping to help you pick your favourite facial cleansing brush.

1.FOREO LUNA2: second generation facial cleansing brush

FOREO LUNA2 facial cleansing brush

FOREO LUNA2 facial cleansing brush

Yvonne Review:
I am honestly impressed with the result. My skin feels so soft i can’t stop touching my face and the pores of the trouble areas look smaller. And it literally feels like a pillow and it’s made from super hygienic silicone. So simple, effective and a great investment. I’m in my sixties but often been taken for under fifty, i would not suggest it otherwise.

This facial cleansing brush uses a lot of high-tech, if gives you a detailed introduction, I believe that everyone will fall asleep immediately. As long as you know that this is the latest generation of period cleaning device. In addition to the cleansing function and massage function, using the back side with mask or essence, cream to promote the skin absorption, enjoy the private spa every day.

It should be noted that in order to take care different skin types, FOREO has launched five facial cleansing brushes in different colors for different skin types. Purple is suitable for sensitive skin, sky blue is suitable for mixing skin, pink is suitable for neutral skin, blue-green is suitable for oily skin, and black is specially designed for men. It also has an extra-long serving time, i have used it more than one year without charging it.

French official price: 199€
Our discount price: 159€
Our duty Free Price: 140€


2.FOREO LUNA mini2 facial Cleansing brush


Aime Review:
My skin feels sooo soft that i want to touch it every time. I bought it to address blocked pores on my nose, and after regular use, I have found it makes little difference to this area. On the plus side, I have found that my face generally feels smoother after use. Due to that i have ordered Issa mini 2 to try the tooth brush. I want to buy UFO too. This is the best investment i have done.

Compared with the normal version, the Mini version has no massage function, the brush head area is a little smaller, and there is not so much classification for different skin types, but in general the cleansing function is still amazing, mini2 is the most cost-effective choice. At the same time, the mini2 is relatively smaller, rounder,  is super adorable.

French official price: 139€
Our discount price: 111€
Our duty Free Price: 98€


3.FOREO LUNA play plus

FOREO LUNA mini plus

Tati2018 Review:

Between the mini and the macarron size, it is the cutest cleaning device i have ever seen. It reach tricky spots, but big enough to hold comfortably and actually clean. Perfect for travel.

This little face cleanser use a replaceable AAA for a hundred minutes, can be used for about 400 times, almost endless use! (LUNA Mini can’t change the battery!). Super durable.
This plus version is not sold in many countries. It has a larger brush head for distributing T-Sonic cleansing power. It fits in your purse, backpack or gym bag and you can use it twice a day wherever and whenever, leave your skin soft, smooth, and absolutely glowing! If you are traveling abroad, it is prefect gift of the FOREO brand to buy one for your family and friends.

French official price: 49€
Our discount price: 39€
Our Duty Free Price: 35€



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