Sunscreen selection tips for this summer : Paris top selling sunscreen products recommendation

16 July 2018

It’s time to choose a sunscreen for this summer, in order to help you find yours, we wrote this sunscreen tips today.  Everyone can better understand the principle of sun protection, then we will recommend you a variety of Parisian hot selling sunscreen products in this article  including sunscreen, sunscreen spray, sunscreen BB cream, sun cream, UV block, etc.

2018 summer sunscreen selection guide :

Classification of ultraviolet (UV):

First, let’s talk about why you should use sunscreen or other protective measures.

In Summer, UV is strong, overexposure to sun’s rays increases the risk of developing melanoma, the most deadly skin cancer.

Ultraviolet rays can be classified into short-wave, medium-wave and long-wave according to the wavelength. Generally, the longer the wavelength, the deeper the penetration. Short-wave ultraviolet rays are too short, most of it is absorbed by the atmosphere, Under normal circumstances, it will not cause harm to humans.

UV radiation consists mainly of two types of radiation: ultraviolet (UVB) and long-wave ultraviolet (UVA). Ultraviolet (UVB) radiation is the Chief cause of sunburn and contributes to skin cancer. Long-wave ultraviolet (UVA) can penetrate the skin and cause cell damage, which is the loss of collagen and tan and age skin.

Even on cloudy days, with clouds and glass block, and UVA can reach the dermis of the skin. Therefore, proper sun protection should be done whether it is cloudy or sunny. Whether it is going out for a trip, daily commuting, or in the office, sun protection can be said to be the most essential part of skin care. Sunscreen products are also indispensable skin care products for men and women like the facial cleanser.

Next, let’s clarify a basic concept.

Understand SPF and PA+’s meaning during your selection :

SPF is the Sun Protection Factor. The number you see associated with SPF represents the length of time you can stay out in the sun without burning. PA stands for protection grade of UVA, which is based on the prevention of tanning reading at 2-4 hours of sun exposure.

So everyone must consider these two values at the same time, not just seeing one but ignoring the other, or confusing this two.

We give an example to illustrate the specific meaning of these two figures. If a product is labeled with SPF30 and PA+++, so a person, who would normally start to burn in 10 minutes, a UV sunscreen of SPF 30, would allow you to stay out in the sun 30 times longer. That means you could theoretically have 300 minutes of sun protection. A “+” is about 4 hours, then +++, which means that the sunscreen prevention time is 12 hours.

Of course, these values are an ideal numerical, sweat will dilute your sunscreen, other factors may also affect effect, specific use according to the weather and oneself condition to undertake to prevent bask in makeup.

French sunscreens usually have three values, SPF20, 30 and 50. SPF30 and SPF50 are suitable for outdoor, shopping and traveling. If your usual place of work is an office, as is the case with us, it’s fine to use SPF20 indoors.


Which texture of sunscreen products to choose

At the same time, the texture of sunscreen products is a key factor to choose. The difference between various types of sunscreen products according to the material is divided into sunscreen, cream, sunscreen emulsion (very rare) and sunscreen spray.

The Texture of sunscreen is relatively thick, suitable for dry skin, it is recommended to use on the face after smearing on the palm, it is more difficult to spread on the body; There is no difference between sunscreen lotion and sun cream, but it is easy to wipe away and can be used on the face and body. As lotion and spray are easy to apply generously and evenly—which is key in order for them to work effectively, the spray is more convenient to use, but are inconsistent and thinner needs to be taken more care of. By the way, if you have acne skin, you can pay attention to products with the anti-acne logo,  which are suitable for acne skin.

Next, we will recommend you the sunscreen products of various international brands that are super easy to use.


 Paris top-selling sunscreen products recommended: 


1.Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat SPF30

Bioderma, a well-known cosmeceutical brand. Its Hydrabio H20 and Créaline H2O has been the best-selling make-up remover. At the same time, the sun protection product of this brand is also very popular in France, in some drugstores sells better than makeup remover.

The sunscreen is recommended for daily use, and while the SPF is slightly higher for office-only situations, it’s really lightweight, easy to spread and absorbs quickly, this sunblock is super practical.


French official price: 16.3€

Our discount price: 11.4€

Our Duty-Free price: 10€

2.Bioderma Photoderm Mineral SPF50+


The sunblock of this product can be said to be super-powerful, especially for travel. And even though the SPF is up to 50, it is not greasy. Of course, there are certain disadvantages that there is a little whitening, and it seems that the dry-skinned people may feel that this is not enough moisture.


French official price: 13.6€

Our discount price: 9.5€

Our Duty-Free price: 8.4€

3.Bioderma Crealine Deodorant Spray 150ml

This one was advised to me by my French colleague, which is similar to the Avène Eau Thermale. But it really has the effect of sunscreen, moisturizing effect is outstanding, suitable for sunscreen moisturizing when going out of shopping.


French official price: 9.6€

Our discount price: 4.8€

Our Duty-Free price: 4.3€

4.La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra SPF50+ 50ml

Contain the patented Mexoryl XL system, PPD25 provides full-wavelength, high-coefficient sun protection with excellent stability and resistance while reducing skin reactions and UV damage caused by sun exposure after sun exposure, is suitable for all kinds of light-sensitive skin.


French official price: 15.3€

Our discount price: 10.7€

Our Duty-Free price: 9,4€

5.La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Spray SPF50 200ml

This sun protection spray used on my own. It contains the hot spring water, which can protect, calm, resist oxidation and enhance the skin’s ability to resist free radicals. It is characterized by a refreshing, comfortable texture for all skin types, and a waterproof formula that makes the sunscreen last longer, more stable, non-greasy and non-pan white. With an SPF50, you don’t have to worry about sunscreen effect, but you just have to reapply it, because spray doesn’t last as long as sunscreen.


French official price: 18.5€

Our discount price: 13.0€

Our Duty-Free price: 11.4€

6.La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dermo-pediatrics SPF50 Lait Soleil 250ml


The skin of the baby is more delicate than that of the adult, so it is necessary to apply sunscreen to your baby. This child’s sunscreen of La Roche-Posay is very hot in France, it is often seen in the conspicuous position of the drug store, and it is often out of stock. This sunscreen is a gentle formula specially designed for children. The lotion quality is refreshing and easy to apply.


French official price: 19.3€

Our discount price: 13.5€

Our Duty-Free price: 11.9€

7.Clarins Haute Exigence Jour SPF20 50ml


This Clarins classic day cream is not very common in China. It seems that there is no such thing as we to find it through Taobao, but there are still tons of person buying it in France. Its advantage lies in itself is an anti-aging moisturizing effect, with SPF20 sunscreen, especially suitable for the officer.


French official price: 101€

Our discount price: 70.7€

Our Duty-Free price: 62.2€

8.Clarins UV Plus SPF50


This one has 3 optional colors: transparent, blue, pink. blue and pink have the effect that even out the skin tone, but we highly recommended for this transparent color.

Extrusion is white, without any skin color modification, suitable for all skin tone! If you don’t need a color palette, choose transparent one, with an SPF50, is fully adaptable to the shiny day.


French official price: 41.6€

Our discount price: 29.1€

Our Duty-Free price: 25.6€

9.Clarins Crème Solaire Anti-Rides Visage SPF30 100ml

Clarins’ new sunscreen has a facial anti-wrinkle effect. The main feature of this product is to reduce the fine lines and dry lines on the face caused by sunlight. SPF30 is also absolutely sufficient for the daily commute, there are two versions of UVA UVB available. The packaging is also particularly attractive and can be easily recognized on the counter.


French official price: 28.8€

Our discount price: 20.1€

Our Duty-Free price: 17.7€

10.Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ 100ml

This one can be in vogue for this summer, used by Chengcheng Fan, who showing his great influence as his sister Bingbing Fan. A few days ago, our store sold out of stock.

This sunscreen has good performance in all aspects, its characteristic is not greasy, and it is very friendly to acne sensitive skin type. There is also a version of SPF30 available.


French official price: 42.8€

Our discount price: 30€

Our Duty-Free price: 26.4€

11.Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF30 50ml

This sunscreen lotion can be summed up in two adjectives: ultra light, moisturizing. If you want sunscreen on a hot summer day that doesn’t interfere with your makeup and is also very thin and light, this is the right choice. And the moisturizing effect is very good, we frankly say that if you are in a hurry to go out without a full set of skincare and makeup, there is the best choice instead of cream.


French official price: 45.5€

Our discount price: 31.9€

Our Duty-Free price: 28€

12.Shiseido Sun Protection Spray Oil-Free SPF15 150ml

This sunscreen spray is characterized by its very easy absorption and very moisturizing. All parts of the body can be used, even hair can be sprayed! And there are certain moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients, very suitable for the indoor user.


French official price: 33.4€

Our discount price: 23.4€

Our Duty-Free price: 20.6€

13.DIORSNOW UV Shield BB Cream SPF50 40ml

We believe that there is no need to introduce more about this BB cream. Most of the BB’s colors are slanted gray or grayish tone, but this BB cream is a natural color. The upper face is very natural. The opacity is good, and the sun protection is quite good as well. 010 ivory white, suitable for bright skin, 020 color suitable for natural skin.


French official price: 56€

Our discount price: 39.2€

Our Duty-Free price: 34.5€

14.Dior ONE Essential City defense Toxin shield pollution & UV Advanced Protection SPF50


Introduced so much cream and lotion, we would like to introduce you this repair essence of Dior. SPF50 PA++++protects against most situations, and if women don’t like wearing sunscreen, it’s also a good option to use this essence plus your favorite face cream.


French official price: 53€

Our discount price: 37.1€

Our Duty-Free price: 32.6€

15.Sisley Super Soin Solaire Milky Body Mist SPF30


This sunscreen spray designed for body sunscreen is really easy to use, without the hassle of smearing. Sprays on exposed areas of the body before a daily commute and outdoor exercise can also be a great restorative.


French official price: 97€

Our discount price: 68€

Our Duty-Free price: 59.8€

16.Sisley Grand Ecran Solaire Visage SPF30 40ml

The characteristic of the Sisley family is the application of natural plant extracts. In addition to the sunblock function, this sunscreen contains natural essences such as horsetail grass, aloe vera, cucumber shea butter and so on, The moisturizing and anti-aging effects are obvious.


French official price: 120€

Our discount price: 84€

Our Duty-Free price: 74€

17.Sisley Solaire Visage 40ml and Corps 150ml


This suit is really thoughtful, facial sunscreen plus body sunscreen, perfect to meet the whole body’s sunscreen needs. And the price is relatively affordable. If you trust the products of the Sisley family, don’t hesitate to try.


French official price: 129€

Our discount price: 90.3€

Our Duty-Free price: 79.4€

18.La Prairie Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil SPF50 50ml


This sunscreen contains an antioxidant extract that scavenges free radicals to strengthen the skin’s protective layer. The licorice complex contained in it helps regulate the production of melanin, brighten skin tone and prevent allergies. Naturally rich in minerals and trace elements; wrapped in lysosomes, it provides long-lasting, deep-moisture to the skin. This sunblock is a high-end product.  It’s a skincare product with sunblock functionality.


French official price: 169€

Our discount price: 118.3€

Our Duty-Free price: 104.1€


France’s summer sales season, known as the French double 11, the European slapstick festival, is about to start again. And the sales season, which was originally supposed to last no more than five weeks, has been extended to six weeks this year. For those who come to France to travel, they will have a pleasant surprise discount after visiting the Louvre and visiting our store.


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