The shopping guide for the summer sales in Paris

28 June 2018

Just like previous years, the summer sales in France will begin again on June 27th in 2018.

For people who want to buy some good items in the sales, we have prepared a shopping strategy and hot product recommendations for you. We hope everyone can buy good things for themselves, but also avoid overheating to buy the wrong thing.

During the Summer Sales, if you go shopping in a right way, you can save money for the next half-year and make up for the regret of last winter sales.

Except for a few areas in France, the summer sales will end on August 7th, it will last for about 6 weeks. So, don`t worry, you will have enough time to select the items that you want if you follow our shopping strategy!


Detailed analysis of 6-week discount shopping strategy


6 weeks is really a long period for shopping, but it is impossible to go shopping every day. Generally, 6 weeks are divided into 3 rounds in our strategy and we can make a timetable accroding to these 3 rounds.


The first round

6The first round is the first week of the summer sales. In this period, you can find out the largest number of goods and complete size range but enjoy the smallest discount.


As the first week of the sales, the four major shopping malls in Paris will be opened at about 8 am, and most major shopping streets will be opened early. “Lazy” French people will also be diligent in this day and queue up long at the front of the store.


This week is the best time to purchase well-known brand products, you can probably enjoy a discount of 50% off or even 70% off.

After this week, those best-sellers will begin to out of stock.


The second round

From the second week to the third week: Discounts rate become higher, and new discounted products will join the summer sales.timg


Compared to the madness of the first week, although the number of consumers began to decrease, there are still many people! You will likely unable to find all the sizes of hot-selling products. But discounts have begun to increase, you can even find 60% off and 70% off. And there will be some new products that start to be discounted. So, if you have not found products that satisfy you in the first week, you can try it again in this round.


The third round

From the fourth to the sixth week: The phenomenon of off-size is getting more and more frequent, shoppers are getting less, and the discount is getting bigger and bigger, so it is suitable for shopping slowly.4


By the round 3, most people spend a lot of money, and there are just a few people shopping. Most shops will take advantage of the end of the discount season, increase their discounts and clear inventory, and some discounts may even be as low as 80% off!

At this period, after all, most of the hot items have already been sold out, so it’s time to exercise your ability to select goods and you can only be patient to select goods for your own needs.


4 shopping tips For the summer sales:


The first tip:

You have to do a “to buy” list in advance, and also make your budget.

Remember, buy what you need, not what you want!make-your-passover-shopping-list


Open your wardrobe, jewelry box and cosmetic bag, find out what you need and do a list of the items you need to purchase and calculate the budget.

It is very important to do this step before you go shopping, because without this step you’ll be attracted by various discounts, and finally buy many things that you don’t need.


The second tip:

Before the summer sales, try on what you want to buy in the store, write down your size and buy it directly when the summer sales begins!try-on-clothes


Go to the store before the summer sales starts and try on the bags, clothes and shoes you want in advance. Because before the discount season, there are fewer people and you do not need to waste too much time to wait in line. Cosmetics, lipstick, etc., try all of them in advance.


The third Tip :

Choose the right clothes to wear, and don’t let the clothes interfere with our shopping.


The summer is very hot in France, but if you go shopping, there are air conditioners in most shops. Therefore, it is better not to wear too short or it may be cold. In addition, remember to wear a pair of comfortable shoes. After all, this is a battle for girls.



The forth Tip:

Pay attention to the gift box, you can buy the same product at a lower price.


Some brands will sell special gift boxes at very low prices during the summer sales. Pay attention to them, they are very cost-effective. Of course, there are a lot of activities like” three for two”, and you can buy a little more at this time.Then you can send them to friends or relatives during their birthdays or other festivals. If you want to buy your own skin care products, buying gift boxes is also a good choice.


Comparison of four major department stores in France during the summer sales


As the top four famous department stores in Paris, Galeries Lafayette, Printemps Paris, Le Bon Marché and Le BHV Marais, which is the cheapest one? Which one has the best service? Let me introduce them to you!

Galeries Lafayette: the wide range of products, English shopping guide


Galeries Lafayette has thousands of visitors a day, and these visitors are from all over the world. It will be very busy in the store during the summer sales, the guests are quite numerous. Men’s and women’s goods are placed separately in two buildings. The range of brands is really wide, and the goods are quite adequate.


Tips: During the summer sales, Galeries Lafayette will give different discounted labels to each discounted product: Yellow means 50 % off, blue means 40% off, and green means 30% off.


Printemps Paris: few people and Full Range of goods


Printemps Paris is very similar to Galeries Lafayette, there are many famous brands in this department store and products are adequate. For me, the only difference is that the visitors in Printemps are fewer.


Le Bon Marché: Shopping environment is good


Le Bon Marché is the private shopping areas to Parisian, it’s full of luxurious goods. It mainly serves local people. There will be many exhibitions, and the artistic atmosphere is very strong. However, compared with Lafayette and Printemps, the goods are not that adequate.


Le BHV Marais: niche goods and famous brands are sold at the same time


Le BHV Marais is a big shopping mall in the famous trendsetter’s district. Apart from several famous luxury brands and accessible luxury brands, there are many French local designer brands with different styles, suitable for shoppers who do not pursue famous brands and prefer to go shopping casually.


Other worth visiting Shopping mall:


French Lifestyle Shop – Merci


Merci is a French word, it means thank you. The founder took this name in order to thank everything for life. Merci is located in the famous district of Marais in Paris. It is a three-tier loft-style space designed mainly to sell clothing, design, home furnishings, second-hand books and coffee. Buying one or two unique costumes or small items to decorate your home is a good choice.


Biodini fashion store


Biodini is a well-known fashion shoe store in Paris, with a collection of classic and best-sellers for various luxury brands such as Versace, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent etc.. The advantage of going to this shop is that the discounted products are all classic and popular.



Paris Louvre KAMS Duty-Free 1960


Founded in 1960, Paris Louvre KAMS Duty-Free 1960 is located on the famous the Avenue de l’Opéra in Paris. We will offer you a wide range of makeup and fashion products at an attractive price. Our ideal location allows you to visit Paris Garnier, Louvre Museum and Tuileries Garden in a five-minute walk.

In KAMS, we provide you products mainly including makeup, skincare, perfumes, watches, jewelry, bag & luggage. Here, you can find the popular brands, Chanel, Dior, Sisley, Longchamp, etc.

Our experienced team provides professional sales advice in several languages (French, English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Thai) and a service for the purchase of touristic tickets. Customers with a tourist visa can enjoy the promotions and duty-free shopping.


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